Modular Kitchen

L Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen is one of the most prevalent layouts. It is perfect for the open-style living, where multiple users to enjoy the kitchen at once. The L-shaped kitchen layout accentuates any room, by including two adjacent walls that meet at a corner, providing a large amount of workspace and storage. The L-shaped kitchen complements any dining area of living room, expanding the room to look larger than it actually is. To add variation, the L-shape can be broken up, where the corner is used to include any archway or doorway, and both the workspaces are along adjacent walls. Often times with the L-shaped kitchen, one can easily add an island, to allow for seating or as an extra workstation. As a result your working triangle can be organized into three distinct stations, designating a specific tasks for each counter space. The L-shaped kitchen is also very flexible in terms of size, where the workspaces can be as long or short as you’d prefer.

Straight Kitchen

The straight kitchen is a single-wall layout that is ideal for smaller spaces, where everything is within easy reach. This space-efficient layout is designed to utilize the least amount of space within a household. The straight kitchen comes with continuous counter space and wall and floor cabinets, allowing for maximum and ongoing working space and constant storage. Due to its compact design, the straight kitchen greatly complements a living room or a dining room. The straight kitchen offers openness with a large amount of empty space, which is ideal for socializing. Due to its open design, adding a dining table or any alternative form of seating, such as a high table or an island completes the overall appearance of the kitchen space. Straight kitchens are quite flexible in terms of size, usually depending on the width of the room.

Parallel Kitchen

The parallel kitchen is one of the most classic and efficient layouts. It allows for maximum efficiency in a small amount of space.

U Shaped Kitchen

This layout is designed for high efficiency. It covers three walls, providing an ongoing working platform. Many of today’s modern homes are implementing this layout for its well-organized design and easy functionality. Due to the extensive counter space, one side can easily be used as a peninsula for extra seating, while the other two are working counters. The U-shaped kitchen is especially flexible in terms of organization. Each aspect of the working triangle can be spread on each side, expanding the workplace easily and designating each side of their kitchen to the specific tasks. The U-shaped kitchen is perfect for those who prefer privacy while conducting their kitchen activities. The three-wall layout allows for an enclosed designed, keeping any additional onlookers out of the kitchen and away from its activities. This variation actually expands the overall appearance of the kitchen, making it look less enclosed, and it makes very good use of a kitchen corner space.

German Kitchen

Germany is the birthplace of the fitted kitchen, where architects and designers worked in the early parts of the 20th century. Enlightened designers and institutions such as Regalo Kitchens embraced modern production techniques and scientific approaches to ergonomics and design, creating what we would now recognize as a unit or 'fitted kitchen'.

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